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Adel Shirmohammadi


Department of Environmental Science and Technology
1201 Symons Hall
College Park, MD 20742



Professor of Environmental Science and Technology (ENST) & Asso. Dean for Research & Asso. Director of Maryland Agricultural Experiment Station (MAES), University of Maryland College Park; Also Affiliate Faculty with Fischell Department of Bioengineering, Dept. of Civil and Enviro. Engineering, and MEES (Marine Estuarine Environmental Sciences).

  • Ph.D. 1978-82, North Carolina State University, Biological and Agricultural Engineering  
  • M.S. 1975-77, University of Nebraska, Agricultural Engineering 
  • B.S. 1970-74, University of Rezaeiyeh, Iran, Agricultural Engineering
Courses Taught: 

Teaching senior and graduate level courses in the area of soil and water engineering flow through porous media, numerical modeling, advising and mentoring undergraduates with respect to scheduling, progress, and career opportunities. As the Director of the Bioengineering Undergraduate Program, Dr. Shirmohammadi coordinated undergraduate program with respect to curriculum development, course offerings, recruitment, and ABET accreditation. Research projects included experimental and theoretical evaluation of the hydrologic and water quality responses of agricultural watersheds, TMDL assessments, design of water table management systems and the impact of various agricultural management practices on water quality, overall watershed management, and ecosystem and human health.

Theoretical work has involved developing mathematical vadose zone models to predict water and contaminant transport, and applying/modifying existing models (CREAMS, GLEAMS and PRZM) for assessing the impact of agricultural management practices on surface and ground water quality. Preferential and macropore flow characterization and coupling nonpoint source pollution models with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have been other research interests for Dr. Shirmohammadi. Evaluation of TMDL and associated uncertainties with TMDL models are outgrowth of his National Watershed Water Quality Modeling and Monitoring Project sponsored by US-EPA in last couple of years. In this regard, his group has also developed Decision Support System (DSS) to help forecast economic and environmental viability of alternate irrigation systems considering water as a purchasable commodity.

In last 5-6 years, Dr. Shirmohammadi’s research group has also been involved with modeling transport of biomolecules and pathogens in diverse porous mediums such as cells and ecosystem. His experimental research has involved laboratory, field, and watershed scale evaluations of the impact of agricultural management systems on nutrient, pathogen, and pesticide losses. Relating childhood cancer and all other cancer incidences and groundwater quality in Maryland has been another research area that Dr. Shirmohammadi has been involved. His research has graduated 14 Ph.Ds and 15 MS students since 1986, has produced more than 300 hundred refereed and conference publications, 1 reference book and several book chapters, trained multiple undergraduate students, and has attracted more than $5M in competitive and collaborative funding.

Student Advisees (Total of 14 Ph.D and 14 MS)-Sample Follows: 

Ed Kruse (Ph.D., current), Chung Wu(2008), A. Sexton (Ph.D., 2007), N. Thorpe (Ph.D., 2002), K. Hanna (Ph.D., 2006), P. Nejadhashemi (Ph.D., 2006), T.W. Chu (Ph.D., 2003), R. Roodsari (Ph.D., 2004), F. Cardosa (MS, 2006), M. Petik (MS, 2005), Nancy Thorpe (Ph.D., 2002), S. Neurath (Ph.D., 2002), Andrew Schall (MS, 2001), Shirong Wei (Ph.D., 1999), Kevin Coyne (MS, 1999), Christopher Preygo (MS, 2000), Jina Vandi (MS, 1998), Mark Perencevich (MS, 1997), Venila Kodmur (MS, 1996), Ed Warren Johnson (Ph.D., 1995), Mary Searing (MS, 1995), Ravuiraj Vyraviplai (MS, 1994), Faysal Bekdash (1993), Joongdae Choi (Ph.D., 1993), Olayinka Williams (MS, 1992), Julie Wright (MS, 1990), Leslie Shoemaker (Ph.D., 1990), John Houlahan (MS, 1990), 

Postdoctoral Advisees 

Dr. El-Sayed Gaber, Peace Fellow, Cairo University, Egypt (1989); Dr. Kwang Yoon, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, USA (1994-1996); T.Z. Chu, Taipai Technical University, Taipai, Taiwan (2003-2005); Aisha Sexton, University of Maryland & USDA-ARS, Hydrology & Remote Sensing Lab (2007-2011); Dongmei Zhang, Xieman University, China (2010-20110 

Graduate (Ph.D.) Advisor 

Dr. R.W. Skaggs – Biological and Ag. Eng. Department, N.C. State Univ., Raleigh, NC

Post-doctoral Advisors

Dr. W.G. Knisel-USDA-ARS-Southeast Watershed Lab., Tifton, GA Dr. E. Dale Threadgill- Agricultural and Biological Engineering Dept., UGA, Athens, GA .

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